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According to the law n ° 2006-75, 30th November 2006, The role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Centre consists in contributing to the promotion of the sectors within its field of competence such as commerce, industry, services, handirafts and small businesses of its territorial circonscription which includes the governorates of Sousse, Monastir, Mahdia and Kairouan ;
its main missions consist in:

Contribute to the Promotion of the Private Sector

- Contribute to the promotion of the regional potential and the activities within its competence

-Provide public authorities with proposals, opinion and information related to the development of the sectors of Industry, Trade, Services, Handicrafts & Small Trades,

-Formulate opinions aimed at simplifying administrative procedures related to the company,

- Carry out studies of an economic nature,

- Manage a public service under an operating contract

Strengthen Cooperation /Boost Investment/ Promote Exports

-Contribute to the reinforcement of cooperation and partnership relations with foreign countries

- Conclude agreements with chambers of commerce abroad

- Promote investment and partnership opportunities and develop trade for the benefit if its members

- Boost private initiative and investment in its regions

- Support and assist companies to develop and promote their exports

Provide training

-Provide initial training for the professional qualification of young people according to the needs of SMEs in its region,

- Provide continuing training in inter and intra companies for the benefit of CCIC members,

- Respond to requests for skills development of its members,

Support and Develop Companies

-Provide economic information and advice for business development

-Provide personalized advice, individual meetings and expert meetings for the benefit of its members

- Conclude partnership agreements with national supporting institutions and organizations, in particular business centers,

- Undertake any conciliation and arbitration initiative at regional, national or international level,

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